About this site

Posing with the grandkids after finishing their playhouse. Things are a little muddy, but aren’t all construction sites like that?

I admit it. I am a home repair geek. I love the smell of fresh-cut lumber. The sight of a naked wall, bare to the studs, will make my head whip around so fast, well it makes it spin. I know of nothing more satisifying than standing back and looking a freshly completed job, one I’ve done and done right.

Well, a beer in the hand helps too.

Fortunately, my wife is just as excited about these projects as I am. Maybe a little too excited, since she tends to get us involved in stuff that seems to grow out of control. But then don’t all of these projects.

We’ll be posting photos and descriptions of our projects here. Feel free to check in and leave comments if you’d like.