Our friend, the dumpster

Along with the demolition came the dumpsters. There was far too much material to simply load into a truck and haul it away. So, although it pained me greatly to pay the $800 or so to have one of these 30-yard monsters delivered and removed, it was really the only way.

The basement demolition alone required three dumpsters. The garage was another dumpster. After that, we collected debris in the side yard until we had enough for a load. I didn’t want a dumpster sitting out front for fear it would attract junk from the neighbors… and no one in the neighborhood cared that we kept a mountain of moldering wood and plaster beside the house.

One of the many piles that ended up in the dumpster.

Same came up from Connecticut one day to help load.

Removal proved to be a challenge, as the yard was wet from spring snow and rain. It took several hours and eventually a very big tow truck to get the dumpster off the lawn. It took a few more years to fill in the ruts.

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