Bye, bye garage

Among the “features” of the house was a sad little detached one-car garage. It had no foundation and over the years had sunk and sagged to the point where it was actually about a foot into the ground. Because it sat so close to the property line it could not be removed and rebuilt — rebuilding would require jacking it up and rebuilding it in place, which didn’t seem feasible. So the only option was demolition.

We called in an excavator and ordered a dumpster from our favorite dumpster people.

The side porch and its accompanying roof came off first to give the excavator some room to work.

He just reaches up and pulls gently...

Porch gone, now he turns his attention to the garage. It didn't take much.

Garage gone and ground filled in.

Another view, showing the side of the house without the garage or porch.With the porch gone, we had a better look at the sill on that side which revealed significant rot. We ended up hiring a contractor to rebuild the foundation in that corner and replace the sill.

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