Here are some of the projects we’ve tacked over the years

Doll beds

For Christmas this year, the kids received (among other things!) dolls. I was told shortly after Thanksgiving that they’d need something to sleep in (why a cardboard box wouldn’t do, I have no idea). I  got the dimensions and some design ideas off an Internet site selling these things and got to work. The real … Continue reading Doll beds

The kids’ playhouse

From a very early age, I have been obsessed with building small spaces. I turned couch cushions into forts, cardboard appliance boxes into bunkers and tunnels and built a small subdivision of treehouses on our property in New Hampshire. I scrounged materials from wherever I could find them. This, combined with my rather modest building … Continue reading The kids’ playhouse


For our granddaughter’s first birthday we built her a toy box. I used frame and panel construction — clear pine frames surrounding a 1/8-inch birch plywood panel. The ends were actually decorated hardboard panels that we found and saved while clearing out our house. We varnished the inside and outside. On the outside Sue cut … Continue reading Toybox