The finished product — sort of

We moved in on April 7, 2008. We weren’t quite done, but done enough. All wiring and sheetrocking were done, painting was done, floors were mostly done — I think the entryway tiling had yet to be done. There were still some loose ends – the elaborate trim around the entryway had to be custom milled (by me) and so remained unfinished for another two years. Roofs for the front and side porches were still in the planning stages and we still had the “cold storage” shed attached to the back of the house. It would be another couple of years before we got to that.

Here’s what we ended up with:

The pantry. This replaced a tiny foul bathroom off the kitchen.

The living room

Living room, another angle

The dining room

The kitchen

The downstairs bathroom

Upstairs bathroom

Master bedroom

Walk in closet in master bedroom


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