Hey, this might even work

By late winter 2008, things were starting to shape up, finally. The outside of the house still looked like hell, but inside things were pretty good. The sheetrock work was done and the walls were painted. We had begun installing and painting trim and installing flooring.  An entry from my project diary on March 8 reads:

“I am feeling more positive about this than I have in a long time. I can see it’s coming together now.”

Putting down red oak flooring in the dining room.

Installing cabinets in the kitchen. See the microwave? Sue moved that in several months ago to heat up lunch. How civilized.

Sue on her scooty cart painting baseboards.

The cat pee room, painted and carpeted. No more smell.

Carpet in the bedroom, light fixtures waiting to be installed.

Lunchtime in the dining room. Like our "cafe tables?" As you can see, I'm wearing my back brace.

Upstairs bathroom. I built the medicine cabinet using some leftover pieces of the red oak flooring -- how's that for recycling?

Hanging a new exterior door in the kitchen. You can see from the gap on the right-hand side the kinds of shimming we had to do throughout the entire project.

The workshop at the back of the house. Still a mess.

The side of the house. Other than getting the porch platform on, we hadn't done anything here yet.

The front's still a mess as well.

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