One year later…

Here we are, one year into what was supposed to be a “six-month” project. It actually looks pretty good, although we’re still a ways from being done. We’ve gotten all of the demolition completed, new partitions framed, wiring done and plumbing done. Ceilings are sheetrocked. The basement’s still a mess (drier, but that’s about it). On the inside still need sheetrock, interior trim and flooring, painting, fixtures, kitchen cabinets and replacement windows.

On the outside, there are two porches and their roofs, siding and a deck in the back. Landscaping-wise – ha. We still need to fill/regrade around the house, plant a lawn (the neighborhood cats are using all the sand around the house as their litterbox).

There’s also the “cold storage” shed attached to the back of the house. We can’t demolish it, because underneath is the boiler, water heater and electrical supply. We’re not sure what we’ll be doing here — we’ve considered a screened-in porch, but that will mean finding some way of waterproofing the floor.